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Rain Water Harvesting

DIY Rainwater Harvesting

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Harvesting Rainwater

280 Litre Water Tank
Underground Rainwater Harvesting Tank
Underground rainwater harvesting tank.
Made here on site and is made with extra strength and durability. You can store your rainwater underground.
5000 Litre Rainwater Tank
Underground Rainwater Harvesting Tank 5000 Ltrs.
Store your rainwater in a safe and secure water storage tank. Made on site here in UK
7000 Ltr Underground Rainwater Harvesting Tank
Underground Rainwater Harvesting Tank 7000 Ltrs.
You can use your stored rainwater to flush your toilet, use the dishwasher which are a few of many areas where large amounts of water is used at a time.



From 280 litres to 25,000 litres, above ground or below, we can cater for your every need! 


If you are looking to save water for your garden and want to do it yourself, we would recommend an above ground DIY rainwater harvesting system.  All you need is basic DIY skills, a drill with a hole-cutting attachment, and a saw.

Simply cut your down-pipe (you may need an extra bracket), drill a hole 50mm from the top of the tank and fit your down-pipe diverter.  Now you’re ready to harvest rainwater – and you’ve done it all yourself!

We have a massive range of quality tanks in popular colours.  They’re built to last and they look good too.  Totally weather resistant, they will not crack in frost or fade in the sun.  Put them anywhere you like.  Behind a shed, against a wall, in a poly-tunnel or in a greenhouse – we aim to have a tank for every location!

An above ground DIY rainwater harvesting system would include:

  • A tank of your choice
  • A down-pipe diverter
  • A tap-kit


You can upgrade your system:

    • Include a hedgehog gutter brush to prevent wind blown debris entering your tank
    • Change your diverter to a filter diverter if you don’t want to use a brush, but fallen leaves are a problem
    • Change your tap-kit to a straight hose connector
    • Include a pump of your choice.  We supply a wide range of submersible, amphibious and booster pumps for the more experienced DIYer.


If you need more capacity, just link our tanks together with our easy to use tank connection kit. 

This is DIY rainwater harvesting at its easiest!  And it looks good too!

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