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Rain Water Harvesting

Commercial Rainwater

Rainwater harvesting for commercial applications and commercial system setups. A huge range of sizes and systems available for all public sectors.


Harvesting Rainwater

280 Litre Water Tank
Underground Rainwater Harvesting Tank
Underground rainwater harvesting tank.
Made here on site and is made with extra strength and durability. You can store your rainwater underground.
5000 Litre Rainwater Tank
Underground Rainwater Harvesting Tank 5000 Ltrs.
Store your rainwater in a safe and secure water storage tank. Made on site here in UK
7000 Ltr Underground Rainwater Harvesting Tank
Underground Rainwater Harvesting Tank 7000 Ltrs.
You can use your stored rainwater to flush your toilet, use the dishwasher which are a few of many areas where large amounts of water is used at a time.



Here at Rainwater Harvesting we have experienced staff who can design and advise companies on setting up and installing a rainwater harvesting systems that suits there needs. All our rainwater systems can be used for many different commercial buildings such as Hospitals, Libraries, Offices, Schools, Universities, Hotels, Ware Houses, Properties, Shoppinng centres, Factories, local councils, Parks or anyway that is open to the public or have large water requirments. Commercial Rainwater Harvesting is the way forward and makes perfect sense financially as customers will save huge amounts on water bills and the rainwater harvesting system pays for itself. There are many different setups for commercial rainwater harvesting which include an above ground system set up or an underground. Both setups have potential change on adding and upgrading to benefit the customers needs.

Below are Some Examples of Commercial Rainwater Harvesting

Rain can be used in Leisure Centres

Leisure centres use up plenty of water especially for the maintaining swimming pools, jacuzzi's and spas. This is without the water needed to clean and maintain the leisure centre and the up keep of the grounds.

Save Water For Shopping Centres

Shopping Centres use water for many things some have water features and gardens, some have food stools, public facilities, plants, trees, public toilets and all need cleaning facilities that use large amounts of water.

Save Money
Hotels, caravan sites, holiday parks all use huge amounts of water. Just think of all the money that could be saved by having rainwater harvesting systems put into place.
Rainwater Harvesting for Schools and Universities

It's places like schools and universities that will save huge amounts on water that could be put to other good uses. Schools can teach children the benefits of saving rainwater and a eco friendly environment.

Rainwater Hravesting For Agricultural

Rainwater Harvesting could really benefit the farming and agricultural industry which use large quantities of water for crops, fields and cattle.

Rainwater Collection

Commercial Rainwater Harvesting is a perfect solution for keeping and maintaining Horticultural Industries that use large quanities of water daily to keep and maintain gardens, plants and flowers.

Saving Water for Laundrettes

Laundrettes use a continuous amount of water on a daily basis. Another example of where water could be saved and used.

Saving Rainwater

Firms and Industries that need to clean and maintain large vehicles and large equipment on a day to day basis will benefit from commercial Rainwater Harvesting.

Rainwater Harvesting for Emergency Water Supplies

Rainwater Harvesting for Emergency Water Supplies where large amounts of water will be needed such as sprinkler systems in large commercial buildings.



The Ecosure Rainwater Harvesting System

All our Ecosure Rainwater Harvesting Tanks are made fro MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) a strong and durable plastic. Our tanks range in shape and size so you can brouse our online shop to see our range of tanks and setups or for more technical information feel free to call our friendly sales team who will be happy to advise you.

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